Alias problem while accessing Windows network


I don't know why I am getting the following error - moreover I have tried all options but in Vain. Here is my problem, I get the following error:

The Alias "DELL8100" cannot be opened, because the original item cannot be found"
options I get with this dialog box is:
1. Delete Alias - which doesn't work.
2. Fix Alias - which asks me to choose something, i don;t know what.
3. Okay - Doesn't help either.

Has anyone faces this before, any idea on how I could fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.



SMB networking with OSX is quite "fragile" on some Windows networks. Usually the "the alias ... can't be ..." error happens, if OSX can't access the network share for whatever reasons.

Sometimes its really fast and shows you all available networks, on other times it shows nothing at all or refuses to connect.

I usually connect to other Windows network shares directly by using the "Goto > Connect to server" entry in the finder menu.

Enter smb://

Example: smb://

In the next Window you have to entry the user name of one account on the remote computer and the coresponding password. After that the finder shows you a list of available shares.