all accounts dissappeared - 10.4.1 & a Kernel Panic


I had a kernel panic on my 2004 17" Powerbook OS 10.4.1, and all accounts seem to have dissappeared.

I booted from my Tiger install disk and tried to reset passwords, but there are no accounts on my disk, not even a root.

I had a look at the PB's disk by mounting it in target disk mode, everything is there, apps , my user home folders etc.

Is there any way to make an account fron scratch by booting into single user mode and typing in some UNIX wizzardry ?

Thanks for any advice

I'm sure there is. Unfortunately I know very little UNIX command lines. The easiest way is to go back to your user account settings in the system prefs and create a new one from there.
I wish i could, I can't boot my laptop as there are no accounts, I can't get past
the login screen.
I am about to install 10.4, but as i installed the 10.4.1 update, i need to do a fresh install. I have copied my home folder to another disk, when i have 10.4 working on my laptop can i copy my old home folder over ? an all my mail doc etc will be there ?