All Adobe Apps. under OSX suck.


Just a little note to those who think they can use Adobe applications with OSX, think again! Just wait for them to go native X cause right now they crash hard. Although it's fun to force quit them without crashing OSX. :)


I'm sure documenting your experience with the apps would just be asking too much, so let me relate my experinece with Adbe products on OS X.

PhotoShop (6.01) - It opens fast and actually runs faster. I have had no problems running it in Classic, up to and including using large Action scripts and batch processing 20 to 30 files.

Illustartor (9.0.2) - Once again no problems to date, and the speed under Classic does appear faster (I haven't benchmarked this with anything like I have in PhotoShop).

GoLive (5.0) - The only Adobe product I've had problems running in Classic. And, actually the only problem I've had is the one Adobe documented, when using the click and shoot functions the arrow does not render in the OS X screen space. To avoid any complications I just boot into 9.1 when I want to work in GoLive.

Acrobat (4.05a) - Has given me no problems, but I have noticed a slight lag in creating the actual PDFs. Not sure where that comes from, but it is not unusable.

ATM (4.6.1) - It has worked just as it should in 9.1. I haven't determined whether it really matters in OS X, but then again there isn't a whole hell of a lot detailing how OS X handles Fonts, besides to say it recognizes quite a fe different ones and you can make them active by just sticking them in the Fonts folder and relogging.

I'd be curious to know how things like After Effects and Premiere have worked in Classic. But, there's my experience, at least.

The only two Adobe apps that i've used in Classic have been Photoshop 6 and Illustrator 9, and the experience has not been good.

For the most part, photoshop behaves as it should but I've noticed these issues (that I can remember off the top of my head):

  • if photoshop isn't already launched, double-clicking on a file will launch photoshop; but a side affect is that the menubar may not load with photoshop. if you can remember your keystroke shortcuts you can still Save, Save As, etc but you won't be able to navigate to them.
  • the Open Dialog box doesn't show previews correctly, and can vary between no previews to partially drawn ones. on rare occasions will actually draw them completely.
  • the worst: photoshop can actually bring X to its knees. five times within the past two weeks i've suffered hard-crashes where restarting the machine was the only option. a Classic app is not supposed to do that, but there you go.

I don't recall my experience with Illustrator, it must have been uneventful.

for the record, I started with 256MB on the system (with 20, 40, 80MB applied to photoshop) then canabalized another mac to upgrade it to 512MB (applied 256MB to photoshop). the result is the same, it works most of the time, but when it crashes -- lookout.

save often.
Originally posted by Hobeaux
for the record, I started with 256MB on the system (with 20, 40, 80MB applied to photoshop) then canabalized another mac to upgrade it to 512MB (applied 256MB to photoshop). the result is the same, it works most of the time, but when it crashes -- lookout.

This might actually be your problem with crashing the system. There have been a lot of problems regarding 3rd party RAM. If you search the boards you'll find out more on it. I haven't really read through most of the stuff on it as I haven't had crashes or kernel panics to speak of outside of IE 5.1 on the very first day OS X was installed. I am also going on 9 days without shutting down.

The uptime wars have begun. LOL!

Sorry your experience has been bad, but mine has not, about the only issue I can concur with you on is the menu bar, but I have found it to be relatively simple to pay attention to the load state of the app before I double click a related file.
Okay, I'll come clean with what I've experienced with Adobe. It may not seem like much but it was big enough of a deal to me because it affects the way I work dramatically.

Illustrator: A sure way to crash Illustrator 9 in OSX. Select a group or object on the page. Mix a color in the color palette, then drag that color to the Swatch pallet.. in mid drag illustrator freezes.. you need to force quite. I can recreate this freeze time and time again. Ill9 works great in OS 9.1 no problems.

Photoshop: The fonts were my main beef here. They were being extra animalized resulting in a rough looking fonts. Not too bad, but enough to piss me off and go back to 9.1

See, told you it wasn't much but it was enough to make me stop pussyfooting around with Adobe in OSX.

I'm just wondering now, I hope someone at Adobe is reading this.. I'd hate to waste all this fine bitching.
Okay, so really, they aren't paying attention to these boards at all. But, Adobe has said they will be supporting OS X in the next release of all their flagship products. The question, however, is, when will those "next" versions be coming? Acrobat 5.0 was released after OS X and it has no native support for the platform. PhotoShop Elements is being released, and it has no native support for OS X. Hmmmm????

Well, as per the norm, Adobe is being tight lipped about anything as far as release dates are concerned. And, there is hide nor hair to be found of anything regarding betas.... but, then again, that isn't unusual for Adobe either.

I'll make a wild prediction and say that they debut all new COCOA versions of their apps at MWNY... that would be too sweet!
I used Photoshop 5.5 without a problem.

By the way Darwin's VM will be faster than Adobe's so you may try increasing the heap size so Photoshop dosn't use their custom scratch disk.

I too am very dissapointed with Adobe. I don't use Illutrator though, I hate it. I use Canvas 7. Canvas 8 will RULE! Deneba will be ripping out all the QuickDraw code and using PDF. Smell the superior sub-pixel graphics!
I use Canvas, and consider it a fair program. But, I still find Illustrator more efficient in certain regards and much easier to use.

This, however, could just be me feeling unsettled in a new environment, much the same way a lot of you old time Mac users are feeling out of place in OS X. With that said I'll have to give the next Canvas release a serious go round when it comes out.
I heard from a friend of mine who uses a PC and Adobe, that when he went to a showing of Photoshop 6 for the PC an insider there said that Adobe is not really supporting Mac as much and that its main focus is development for PC.

I didn't really believe this, but if you look at the new Adobe site, you have to wonder, their Mac OS X section is just a few crudy links- all saying the same thing, 'does not offer native support', 'will some time, some day, who the hell knows when.'

There's so much I wish I could change about Adobe software, but for the most part I'm happy working with it. I just wish it was fast and didn't crash so much. And that whole switching between PS and ImageReady is just so stupid slow but ImageReady sucks anyway. I mean just try making a transparent image.. its a pain. Fireworks, i hear, is much better.

Whoever your friend was, and whoever the rep was, well... they are sorely mistaken. In fact, read the reports from Seybold. The CEo of Adobe publicly came out and reiterated his company's position regarding Apple and specifically OS X. they also "debuted" an in development copy of InDesign for OS X... this bodes well for MWNY.
They better realize I'm but buying any software which isn't OS X native. Too many side-grade surprises thus far.

I don't need to bad-mouth Adobe, they aren't the only game in town. If they don't produce the goods in short order I'll be looking elsewhere.

Quite frankly I don't know why Adobe isn't being more aggressive with OS X. I mean geez, the display server is based on PDF for crissakes.

I think if you read the highlights of the CEO's remarks (I can never remember his name, but Maccentral has an article about the speech and demo) you'll see that Adobe is planning on aggressively pursuing OS X. The direction they seem to be orienting their products is to "Network" publishing. And, the entire demo was highlighting PDF and the new collaborative functions of the products through the InDesign software. To me this says that come MWNY we're going to be ooking at a whole host of new Adobe products all centered around OS X. At the very least I would suspect we'll at least see demos of them.