All my files have disappeared



Over the weekend, I had a very strange incident with my Mac running OS X 10.0.4. At first, I couldn't run any programs, then the dock quit, & the computer froze. On reboot, I got a kernal panic (not a good way to wake up on Sunday morning). Anyway, I booted from a CD and looked at my hard drives in the machine (one 60GB, one 10GB) and noticed all the files were missing from the drives, but the directory structure was still in place!

I was able to run Apple's disk first aid to recover most of the files, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to save them all. Two questions:
1) Anybody know how I might be able to recover the other files
2) Anybody know what may have caused this in the first place?

No idea what might have caused your problem. But you might try DiskWarrior from Alsoft to recover the rest of your files. It has succeeded with similar problems where Disk Utility, NU and TechTool have failed.