Alternative to iTunes??


Can anyone recommend an mp3 player alternative to iTunes, that works on OS x?

I have in mind something like the old SoundJam (and yes, I already know the SJ creators designed iTunes). Something simple, quick & easy.

To help you understand what I'm looking for, I'll tell you what I don't like about iTunes. First, I prefer to browse my music in heirarchical folders, not in the iTunes database. I would prefer to select my music and drag it into a playlist, which I can then save or not. And I want to save my playlists in heirarchical folders too, not strung out in an endless line of icons in the iTunes window. The iTunes megadatabase is impressive, and certainly has some benefit for certain things. But nothing beats browsing through folders marked Ethnic>Mexican>Strolling. Or however one wants to organize it. Plus, with my 335 megs of RAM (yes, I'll get more), iTunes is cumbersome with my 28,000 songs. It slows everything down so bad, and takes so long to load, that it is a huge dread when it opens by accident! It is a much more pleasant experience for me to play a song by clicking its little preview icon in a Finder window! I don't like iTunes fiddling with its database every time I just want to play a song.

I want to manage my own music, my own files, my own playlists, my own way, not be a slave to a cumbersome program that is more concerned with spiffiness than doing a job. Forget "album art," I just want the MUSIC.

Any recommendations?

(I thought there was an iTunes-specific forum, but I don't see it. Any clues, anyone? I cannot be the only person who feels this way, and surely someone has an answer.)




I just can't thank you enough for this recommendation!!!

Audion, at first glance, looks like everything I wanted in an MP3 alternative to iTunes. It appears to avoid all the things in my original list that I didn't like in iTunes. It will be so nice not to have that huge iTunes database open up every time I want to hear a song.

And being able to organize my playlists in heirarchical folders is so exciting I can barely catch my breath.

I'm sure the iTunes database (library) will still be useful for certain kinds of searching... And the streaming radio is nice in iTunes. But for everyday use, it'll be Audion.

Many thanks!



I was just about to download it AUDION, but looks like it is out of support and development. Any other alternatives worth consideration?


I was looking for an alternative to iTunes recently and came up with's grown on me. :D

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