alternative to VNC?


Can anyone reccomend an alternative to VNC?

I know there is apples own remote desktop connection but I was looking for an alternative that is free of charge like VNC.

Any suggestions would be great as I connect to my server remotely via VNC but latley the connection has been poor,thought I might try an alternative.
Google VNC - you could try Chicken of VNC - I looked for one to try out, but since I'm on a proxy, I can't help you there. One person had it set up on his website, it was awesome, ran good too.
When you say "alternative" what do you mean? The reason I ask is that there are multiple implementations of vnc (My favorite is chicken of the VNC) and then multiple instances of the same idea. For instance Microsoft Remote Desktop and Timbuktu.

It may help to know why VNC is not working for you?
There's also Remote Desktop by Apple. But VNC is a good common denominator. It's available for many platforms (even PocketPCs, for example). If the connection's poor, another software might not help much.
MMmm true.

It is a bit of an odd one, i can connect to my other pcs in the same workgroup fine but it is almost like the VNC connection to the Mac server times out.

I have a no IP client running on the server as it does not has a static ip address.

I can be connected remotly to the server via VNC fine,but sometimes after about 30 mins it will automaticly disconnect and you cannot get back on, weather you use my domain name or the external ip.

Does anyone know of any problems connecting to a Mac server with VNC?

I cannot see any setting in OSXVNC for the connection to time out????
I have a 1mB broadband line so im sure this isnt a problem as ther are only three machines in the workgroup and most of the time only two of them are on.