Alu PB 15" - Lower Memory Slot problems...


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Apple hasn't acknowledged it, but apparently quite a lot of Alu PB 15" Rev B and C at least, have gotten their lower RAM slot fried by 10.3.9 and/or 10.4. I don't get very clear information by searching the web (besides that there are quite a few people with the problem).

I have two 512 MB bars from the same maker, and both are recognised without any trouble in the upper slot, but having only one installed in the lower just lets the PB beep and blink at startup (i.e. no memory found). Sometimes, when I install both bars, the PB boots and shows me 1 GB in About this Mac - however the PB freezes shortly after that or shows me a kernel panic, clearly indicating that the RAM doesn't work right.

I think I'm just out of warranty (grr...) and have four options now:

a) Get a 1 GB bar and just use the upper slot, forget about the lower one.
b) Get it repaired (according to my websearch, that'd mean a motherboard replacement.
c) Sell the damn thing with 512 MB RAM, lower slot fried and get a new one.
d) Get a new one, repair the old one and sell it then.

c) and d) don't work for me right now, since I'm flat out of the money I'd need for it.

b) doesn't work for me since I wouldn't know what to work on until the PB is returned. Also, this might just cost too much.

a) That would work, but it'd cost me money that - in my opinion - Apple should pay, since it was probably a software update that killed the slot. Also, it'd leave that bad taste in my mouth that something's wrong with my box.
I came here hoping to ask precisely about this kind of issue... But I think my situation is reversed.

My lower memory slot works perfectly. My upper memory, however, doesn't. I have a stick of Samsung ram (that came directly from my friend's Albook of the same model) and a stick of Micron ram that was in mine. Whichever stick is the lower memory slot works perfectly, but nothing gets detected in the upper memory slot.

Also, my Albook shipped with Tiger... so installing Tiger couldn't have done it. (Well, I guess it could have – at the factory..)

I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems?

Edit: The computer won't boot if a single ram chip is placed in the upper slot, so it's definitely the slot that is problematic.