Amazing Slow Downer


Mac User
This program is constantly crashing on me. The por up says that I have insufficient resources in my CPU or something like that. I'm running an iMac G5 2.0, i Doubt that cpu speed is the problem. Is there any CPU power restriction for apps? Has anyone encountered this problem when using this app?

is there anything I can do to solve it?


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
He's talking about Amazing Slow Downer.

I've never had much luck with it in OS X. I don't know why. It frequently gives me that same error message, and when it doesn't, the results are usually incomplete (that is, even less complete than the unregistered version allows). Sorry I can't help.

It may not be as high-quality, but I find the speed adjustment options built into QuickTime 7 to be pretty good.

You might also want to try the AudioUnit plugin Speedster. Although you'll need an AudioUnit-compatible program to use it with. I don't know what would get the job done. I just use it with Audio Hijack Pro, which does all its processing in real time, so it's no good at slowing things down.