ampping a file type to a specific app


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How do I map a file type to a specific app?

I have been trying to map '.jsp' file types to BBEdit Lite, but is seems to be an unknown type to the OS, so it won't let me do it. Does this sound liek a reasonable assumption?

Is there a way I can add a new file type to the systems mapping?

Yes, I was trying to do it through Get Info. It let me find and select the App I wanted to map it to, but it would not hold the information.
The only thing I can think of is if the file has type or creator codes already. If you've installed the Developer's Tools CD, try typing in the terminal

/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t "" -c "" /the/path/to/the/file/foo.jsp

and then try doing it again. Also, while it's not the choice thing to do, if BBEdit is in your dock, you can drag the particular file the BBEdit's icon holding the option and command keys, and this will force BBEdit to open the file.