And for us french user?

Thanks for the tip... do you know if it will be available in all the fnacs? I suppose I'm going to need one of those "proof of ownership" thing as well?


I don't know if it will be at all of them. I would think it would be a safe to assume that all of the larger FNACs will have it. It will apparently be available at Surcouf in the 12th and Computerbench in Villejuif as well.

You need to take either your proof of purchase or your original purchase receipt. I am going to take both just in case.

I was planning on picking it up at the expo today! Ohhh the wait is killing me!
They shouldnt have cancelled Paris expo. oh well.

Worse, I've left my computer's papers at home =/ (I'm at university right now)
Maybe if I bring my OSX cd they will give me the upgrade? Or do you know if they can check I did by an iMac from them a month ago?


I would take the CD in for sure. That might be enough.

They may can check to see that you made a purchase, especially if you have a FNAC card. The hard part would be to find a sales-rep that is willing to do it.

Best of luck!
And they have better give me my upgrade, or I am going to get very angry with them all! ;-)

Just thought I would let you know I got mine at Surcouf this morning. I got there when the store opened at 10am. They were requesting the software coupon to get the upgrade. I also had to pay 1 centime for it. It appears that it has something to do with their inventory system so they couldnt make it free.

A friend of mine went to the MicroFNAC late in the afternoon and they had a huge sign up stating that they were out of stock.

I hope you were able to get yours without issue.