And now, the disappearing mouse!


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Alright, when running classic apps in OS X, I sometimes have a problem where my mouse disappears. It just goes away. I still get magnification over the dock and stuff and can click out of the classic apps where the mouse will then appear. Clicking from OS X to the Classic app just makes it disappear again. Also, if I open another classic app, the mouse will then reappear and will work until it disappears again. Anybody else having this prob?


Yup, I've got it too and I've seen others mention it. I see it in Eudora a lot, but I can often get it to come back after a little bit.


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So this always happens when you are using Classic apps? Looks like yall need to head over to Apple and make a report.



Yup, I have this problem too.

It happens when I attempt to switch to a classic app from a macos x native application by clicking the classic window. It doesn't seem to happen if you switch to the classic app by clicking its icon the the dock, so that's a reasonable workaround.

Still, it's a pretty annoying bug



Ive seen this happen on on a powerBook pismo - booting off a FireWire drive wiht NO other OS installed...

Fully OSX....not a hint of classic. Ive only seen it once...I think it was after the screenSaver was running.