Announced: 10.1 available on Saturday.

I found that odd to.

Also does anyone know what information I need to bring with me to an apple reseller (i.e. one of the coupons from the 10.0 box) to get the free update?
I have never done the Up-To-Date program before and I would like to know, does it really take 6-12 weeks to recieve it??

Also I hope that they let staples or circuit city offer this update before i go with the UTD program because they are the only mac resellers in my area
(I'm hoping we get a retail store)
i called to the plano store and asked wut i needed to bring to ge the update cd and they said i did not need anything, that they would be giving them out for free. but they did say that they would have a limited number and to be there early on sat
My apple store in Minneapolis said alls i have to do is show up and they'd give me the update for free and they should have plenty to go around so i dont have to show up really early. WOW :D
Damn :mad:
The STUPID people of apple marketing put the "boston" store in a town called peabody...its like 45min to an hours from where I live :mad: I also work on saturday.... this sucks big Korn .... :mad:

I much prefer to download it. (well I got I hould be al set unless a proposed G68 is the actual GM )
Hi. I talked to an Apple Senior Tech (i called apple about a tricky filesharing bug) and I asked him about 10.1 and what build it was... He said he got his 10.1 cd today and it was 5g64. So there ya have it.
what's being given out for free is an updater. You need a full install, then you apply the update. This should also be downloadable if someone is willing to give in to the heavy bandwidth demands. This could be an interesting grass roots distribution phenomenon.

The up to date progam requires proof of purchase because it's a new OS installer. You don't need to already have 10 installed to put on 10.1

Granted, all I've read is documantation and legalese, so I could be 7 miles off the mark. But that's my understanding of the matter. So redistribution of the free thing shouldn't be an issue. Personally, I wish I could find my friggin' reciept because my original install CD is so scratched it won't install anything anymore. I need a new one that can install from scratch.

You can let people see your OS, and play with it, but lending out your CD is dangerous for the longevity of your CD. Grrrrrrr.