Another Apple rip off / Sony viao shell


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That is a pretty blatant rip-off.

Still most people are so narrow-minded they won't even know a Mac like that already exists. WinLemmings.



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does anyone else have any photos of this exibit or of this sony?

Im sure that we will all see it soon enough at our local stores being claimed as the best-ever notebook or whatever! Im curious to see the inside design as well, eg. white keys?


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Really, where? I didn't see it in the photo posted? Thats crazy...oh man...
I have a feeling Apple will try to stop sony before this gets released, although I would like to see how sony redesigned Apple's computer.

If anything it might be cool if Apple struck a deal with one or two (at most) major PC makers like sony to allow them to 'switch' there OS platform from Win to OSX. And not allow Win to be made on there machines. It would take away from Apple a bit on the hardware dept. however it would take more away from MS and could give a longterm benifit to Apple. But that would never happen!


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you cant see it on that picture but i saw it in a computer magazine the other day! it on the same location really



We really cannot blame Sony for this one. The dual USB iBooks and TiBooks are based off of the thin metellic Sony's laptops.


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its in a swedish magazine so i guess you cant read it being from CA=california? i tried to hunt down the pictures with no luck!
but keep looking!