Another basic question : what is MySQL ?


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When one starts using a new OS, one has a lot of basic questions. I'm sorry if it annoys some people.

Anyway, my question is : what is MySQL ? Is it useful for everybody or is it a web server thing ?
MySQL is a full-blown relational database compliant with the SQL (Structured Query Language) standard. Along with acting as a backend for web sites, it is also useful for productivity applications.
Thanks for your reply.

But just to be sure I understand well, that means "MySQL" would be like a souped up "FileMaker" or "4D" ?

How can one use MySQL as a back end for a server ?

Thanks again for your reply to my very very basic question !
The place you want to visit is

MySQL is frequently used to support web-servers that require back a database. The advantage that MySQL has is that it is free and it is OpenSource. The disadvantage is that if you don't know SQL then compared to FileMaker you are going to find it harder to get in there and get it running.