Another G5 With Trouble?


While my personal G5 is at the shop I've had the fortunate ability to use the G5 1.6 here at work, but it too is apparently suffering some voodoo. Since I'm the only other "Mac-head" here the primary user of the machine asked me about the following situation encountered on their G5 1.6:

- Machine typically runs fine, rarely if ever hiccups. Then out of the blue while working on the unit, the user reported his screens (19" CRT & 17" Studio LCD) going blank and then the G5 was unresponsive. Seemed just like it shut down by itself. User attempted to power up and the G5 emitted a solid tone and the 17" Studio LCD power LED flashed in a repetitious single flash pattern briefly before the G5 sprang back to life.

G5 is now working fine and responding normally.

No logged records of anything related to the failure.

17" Studio LCD display did suffer the half screen failure (apparently common to that display type) and was repaired about 4 months ago.

Is this the power supply problem many users encounter? I've always heard the tone emitted as more of a chirp kind of noise than the short but continuous tone the user reported with this unit.

Unit has the following installed:

- G5 1.6 Power Mac
- 10.3.9 OSX (all updates available from Apple installed)
- 1.5G ram (512M OEM & 1G Mushkin)
- 80G OEM Seagate SATA drive
- Pioneer DVD/RW upgrade (from OEM DVD/CD-RW)
- 17" LCD Studio display
- 19" Compaq S910 CRT display
- Wacom tablet
- Logitech mouse (and Logitech drivers)

Have yet to run Apple diags on the unit, will take a peek at that this weekend.

Any input appreciated!