Another lawsuit waiting to happen:

Is that supposed to be a screen tucked in in there? What's the point in making the thing that wide and then leaving the screen so small?
Where does that put Dell, then? They've only just started making cases you can open without a screwdriver. You need three hands, but that's incompetent leadership for you.
That's a hefty price tag for a rip-off with flimsy looking contruction that doesn't even run a full featured OS. You could buy 3 low end laptops that do more than that box for less! I wouldn't worry about sueing.. that product will die a quick, swift death on its own.
I agree ;)
Considering the fact that this machine isnt even advertized :p
I only found it because it was posted on a newton mailing list he he he.

Newton 4 life ;)

To the people that have bought this or are contemplating of uying it, just proves that there is a sucker born every minute :p