..another obvious one, re: screenshots this time.


Pixelated Artist
Did you know that while you're in classic,
MOST of the old ways of grabbing screenshots work fine!!!!
Great ways to do a quicky grab.
For those who don't know them, here's a quick run-through...
cmnd-shift-3 == full shot to file in /
cmnd-shift-4 == selection shot to a file in /
capsLock, cmnd-shift-4 == grabs the clicked on window in classic only goes to a file in /
control-cmnd-shift-3 == full shot to the clipboard
control-cmnd-shift-4 == selection shot to the clipboard
capsLock, control-cmnd-shift-4 (phew..) == grabs the clicked on window in classic only, to the clipboard

I'm pretty sure I got all that right.
One of the little downfalls of this is that you always be stuck with the classic menubar. Oh well, I can still see where some of these might be handy.
If you close all your windows in the said classic app, then you get a great view of X sitting in the background.