Another reason to love Safari...


When I want to listen to something from eg the NPR All Songs Considered
website, I click on a link that says, you know, "listen." In the old days
(pre-Tiger) this would pop open a player, such as RealPlayer. And
music came out of the speakers. And it was good. Nowadays, after
clicking on a "listen" link, Quicktime pops up only to do - nothing.
Now that would be fine, if I knew how to disable Quicktime in Safari as the
default. But I don't - any help?


Yes I have installed RP, Windows Media.

I am not sure what the stream is - the file that is downloaded has
the suffix .smil and the icon in the download window shows the
Q of quicktime.

The weird thing is that when I listen to the stream (filename of
mbe.ram) from eg KCRW then RealPlayer pops up.

So how do you set which application launches for which stream?


If the stream is .ram, then it is Real Media. SMIL is the Synchronized Media Integration Language, which is supported by QuickTime. You can read more about it here.


The solution is to set the opening application (by doing a "get info" on
any .smil file on your computer) from Quicktime to RealPlayer and then
click on the "change all" option when doing this. The result is that all
future downloaded .smil files will be opened with RealPlayer rather
than Quicktime.


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
QuickTime does technically support SMIL, but I've never seen a single SMIL stream QuickTime could actually play. It's always used to stream RealMedia content, in my experience.