another thread complaining about the finder


when I choose 'Save-As' or 'Save' and get the little box where I am supposed to tell the document where to find a home, I expect the pull-down menu to be a path to the current directory (yeah, like the old mac OS...). Instead, it is a list of "favorites", and "recent places..."

I know I can just click the slider and go back a few directories, but I need to see the path SOMEWHERE!!! In the pull-down, or a line of text or something. Tell me where I am!!!

Also: the finder is not consistant. This is awful. In four directory changes I saw four different views: 1- standard Icon view with my designated (global) background color 2- small icons with white background 3- large icons with white background 4- list view (ahh, something different...) When did I set the global view to 'Random'??

This will not be tolerated by the computing masses - I can only assume it will be fixed by the time this is released. OK, thats all my complaining for now.

(I did submit this to apple by the way.)