Any monitor resolution - does this trick work?

The trick was to get OS X to show all modes when you are sure that your video card & monitor can handle more then OS X is giving them credit for. I suspect that Apple knows pretty well what the monitors & video cards on an iMac can do.

But what the heck, give it a try. The worst that could happen is that you change video modes, your screen goes black for a minute, while you can't see to click the 'confirm that this resolution works' button, and then goes back to normal. Then you know for sure that you have maxed out the video system's capabilities
Is this the same pref that is adjusted by the "Show medes recommended by display" check box in the "Displays" preference.
When I had a ghetto Nokia monitor, not all of the resolution it's capable of showed up in "display" of systempref.

I didn't use the trick mentioned, but I used to change some values in to enable the resolution that didn't show up.

I think the trick is to fix something like that.

If the card/monitor aren't meant to do more than 1024x768, then I doubt the trick's gonna do any good.

I think there's an option to show "Only recommended modes" or whatever in the 'display' now. I think that does the same thing.