Any motorcyclists in the house?


Who, me?
I'm planning on doing a solo coast-to-coast ride in June, head out of philly area, take a northern route west to perhaps Seattle, then wander south, over to Tombstone (my only "must see" waypoint), then meander east from there.

I have no set time line, no set stopping points and am just going to get out there and enjoy Open Road Americana.

Anyone interested in riding along on portions of it?

Anyone else done one of these yet?

I plan to log all my activity, write it up along the way as I can, take lots of pictures, etc.

I'm looking really, really forward to this!!


If your headin out west make sure to stop by Sturgis. 24/7 Partying for a week there. My Sister and Brother in law drove out there with a group of people bout 5 or 6 years ago.

My sister was going to sell me her 97 Suzuki Maurader but instead i bought my PowerBook :D


fanboi! :D

Doesn't take long, does it?
Cairo seems to be getting hot, bombs and all, but I won't be around in the mid-west. Don't forget to drop in the cafe on your tour...