Any New Thoughts On Older Opera Version For Os 10.6?


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I had to find a new browser since I didn't want to switch OS. I love 10.6 and want to stay with it (especially after reading horror stories about newer OS on older Macs such as mine) since Chrome will no longer be supported and same with Safari. I didn't want to go with Firefox because it just does not work well for me and it's a RAM hog. So I found the Snow Leopard version of Opera and installed it. Have been using it non-stop for about 3 hours (including testing) and I am REALLY impressed with how fast it is and how light it is on the RAM.

A few questions:
1. your general thoughts on Opera?
2. is it a safe/secure browser?
3. what do you like/dislike about it?
4. since Opera is still supporting the newer OS and putting out updates, is it safe to assume it's secure to use on my system - even though I have an older Mac?

Thanks so much in advance!
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Opera is a low-use browser. I think the sites that keep track of browser usage on the internet would say that Opera is less than 1% usage.
If it does what you need, then use it.
I keep an updated copy of Opera, but I seldom use it, maybe once a month, to access a couple of hobby sites that don't often like the more common browsers, for some reason. For the occasional use, I don't have any complaints.
The browser that is NOT Safari, nor Chrome, nor Firefox, and that I use most often is Roccat. I like it because it can be used on my eMac, running 10.5, and the same version works with El Capitan. And, I think that is interesting because Roccat uses webkit. I don't use ad blockers with Roccat (never tried), and it's fairly bare-bones, but works for what I need - which is almost never more than 3 or 4 tabs, so I don't push it too hard. Seems good performance, but for what I do with Roccat - I don't care.