Any print servers work with Mac OS X and 9?



I was wondering is there any (hardware to plug into my router) print server that works with Mac OS X and 9?

And in X I'd choose the printer with the Print Center and Chooser with 9 right? Would I need the print drivers for the printer installed for it to work or no?

And one more thing. Will printers that aren't support in X by USB connection work with a network connection?

Thank you very much!
Ok, I'm not into physical print servers (I don't use them specifically) but I know Axis puts out some hardware print servers that plug into the parallel port. OS 9 and X should support these by TCP/IP printing. As for OS 10.1, though, I think it should be able to print over Microsoft Networking print servers though.
Thanks for the link I'll look at them.

I do have another question.

I'll be able to select the printer and print through Airport right? I have my Airport Base Station plugged into my router where I'll also be plugging the Print Server into so it should work.
The AXIS 1440 print server works fine with my Epson 1280 in 9.2.1, and in Classic (OS-X). Although OS-X sees the server natively (OS-X Printing Center setup), there aren't any drivers (yet) for the 1280.

Epson says they will have them by the end of the month, but I don't know what support they will have for this particular server. If the new driver works with AppleTalk or LPR, it should work fine with the 1440.