any way to find older order history?


I purchased a dual 2.0 G5 last July but I can't find the receipt and my applestore history doesn't reveal any history.

Can anyone think of a way to find my original invoice online? I'm looking to sell my machine to get a new G5 using my ADC discount, but want to find the old invoice first.

Thanks anyone...
Apple themselves will have a record of it... you'll need to call customer service i guess.

A few months back my sister's iMac died. She was declined Applecare service because she never activated the warrantee (how she missed it i'm not sure)...

Anyway she bought both the iMac and AppleCare Box at an Aple store and could no longer find it... so the customer care rep was able to track down the order in the computer files, and from the reciept pull the serial # for AC and activate it retroactively thus covering the repair cost...

That was about 2.5 years deep into the records... so if you bought it from Apple, they'll be able to find the record.