Any word on OS 9.5?

According to (grain of salt optional), "reliable developer sources" indicate that 9.5 is in the works. It is alleged to include Open Transport 3.0, Carbon Lib 1.3 or 1.4, "numerous driver updates," and a shift towards a view of the 9.x system as a component of X (ie, as slim and transparent as possible). They predict it will be released at MacWorld NY in July as part of OS X 1.1.
That's 9.1

I think 9.5 will be mostly a 'close out the books' release for people who cant or wont upgrade to OS X. Obviously Apple's future is OS X
On the Apple Mac OSX site it says OSX Final will ship w/ 9.1 for Classic. However, you never know, Apple might bump that up to 9.5 at the last minute as a special surprise.
no way of 9.5 being released with os x...9.1 came a couple weeks ago, they won't have a new update of the classic os with major enough revisions to warrant a 9.5 release...i suppose it could be "possible" just like it is possible i win the lottery tonight (note: i don't buy lottery tickets)