Any word on Real and Windows media Players????


I want to switch to OS X full time once I get the 10.1 update....

But now what really bothers me is that there are still no carbon version of Real and Windows Media Players :mad:

I go to news web site everyday and 80% of them are using Real and 20% of them use WM...none QuickTime :(
I too use these other players from time to time because there are no Quicktime streams for certain audio and video sources. I understand that Windoms Media Player for OS X is supposed to be out sometime around now. At least that was the original statement by Microsoft.

Realplayer is a different story. I understand that Realaudio is going to make a new combination player. I have read nothing about a Mac version. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can enlighten us.

I know that Realplayer produces some Unix flavors of Realplayer. Any Unixheads that can tell us if there is a OS(uni)X version being contemplated or engineered from these other flavors?
Before anything else is released from microsoft, I WANT INTELLIPOINT DRIVERS!!!! I can't stand having this mouse pointer move so frickin slow!