Any World of Warcraft people out there?


Dark Archon
I just bought WoW today, i was a bit hesitant about the monthly fee to play a game though. Anyone out there have any thoughts? Good? Bad?


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I know a lot of people hooked to that game. Including my bf right now ... as well, I am htinking of starting to play Wow as well .. jsut because. :D


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i wish there were a demo i could try before buying the game (or is there?)


Dark Archon
yeah, i plunked down the 50 big ones at best buy (ironic name??). impulse buy, im usually more frugal than that! my "name" in WoW is Feloris (in the Kilrogg realm), look me up if'n you're in the area!


It's not a bad game. It does get a little repetitious after a while. I got bored after a few weeks and hence I won't be playing anymore.