Any worries about this new virus report?


Dark Archon
I have seen that same exact article posted in at least 4 or 5 publications and/or websites (Damn you AP!! haha). All talking about how Joe Schmoe was surfing for jpegs of the new OS... blah blah blah. Sick of hearing about it. Any and all systems (computer, or physical world) are susceptible to being broken, given enough time and computing power (computer, human, whatever ;) ). That is the nature of systems- fallibility. The 'degree' to which a system's fallibility is engineered is the true test of its mettle.

--> Symphonix, you're right, maybe our time has come to look towards the virus software. What with how efficiently our macs run, maybe we won't notice the the lag caused by virus scans! ;)


Until I myself or someone I know is inflicted with a virus that actually has teeth, I will continue to live my carefree Mac-life devoid of nonsense anti-virus apps.