Anybody use LaTex typesetting...?

boyfarrell said:
On my PC I use TexnicCenter, anybody have advice on Latex applications in LaTeX?
You have to install teTeX, a freeware TeX implementation available here. You also have to install a MacOS X front end. The premier front end teTeX app is TeXShop, which is also freeware and available on the same site. Just download the disk image file named ii2.dmg. Install and run i-Installer. i-Installer will download and install all files required for teTeX.
TexShop looks lovely.

On there site there is also an equation editing utility, which is quite handy for really long and complicated equations with lots of special symbols and brackets. On XP TeXade made equation. Tex this is a beauty!

- {1 \over {N\sigma (\nu )}} \left( {\ell {\partial \over {\partial x}} + m{\partial \over {\partial y}} + n{\partial \over {\partial z}}} \right)I_\nu (x,y,z;\ell ,m,n) = I_\nu (x,y,z;\ell ,m,n) - \frac{B(\nu ,\mu ,T)}{4\pi}

Bonus points for knowing what it does!

Do you know of a MacOS version of LaTable, the table formatting utility?
TeXShop has an extensive set of macro's and utilities, including a table/matrix utility. You can also install teTeX through Fink (latest release is teTeX 3). Also you might want to check out BibDesk.