Anybody used MacOSX Tiger Server as desktop


I've got the possibility of buying e legal boxed, but very cheap, OSX Tiger, its unwanted and an unlimited version.

Has anybody out there used a Server version of Tiger for desktop.

I'm a Solaris admin, and the only discernible differences are the neatly packaged products that come with a server version. The base OS underneath is not much different.

Should I got for it if its that cheap?

Legal and cheap version for the unlimited version of OS X Server? That I haven't seen yet; normal price for unlimited server is $ 999, versus OS X client single license $ 129. :-/
But running it on a desktop is no problem.
Yeah, the pricing is usually the deal breaker.

Server should work just fine as a regular desktop, plus you get the opportunity to learn some of the tools that come with it. That experience is never a bad thing for someone who may have to admin Server in a real server capacity.

But yeah, if you're getting a great deal, don't pass it up.
There is no reason you can't. Anything that can run in OS X, can run in the server variant. However, be warned that OS X Server is optimised for server use, and it devotes far more system resources to the OS and a lot less to any user processes. Unless you want to use the machine as a server as well or make use of the server functionality provided, like mail, QT streaming or whatever, it's a pretty pointless exercise.
From an UNIX admin standpoint its a gorgous oportunity to asses just how good Apple's packaging and functionality stacks up against those provided by Solaris, Linux and so forth.

My guess is that all of the services provided can be turned off or on, just like any other UNIX.

Would like to see the fronts ends to Server variety's of things like CUPS, Windows Print/File Services, Mail Servers, Oracle (not included), NFS, DNS, LDAP, Security etc, etc

I also do MySQL <-> Apache/PHP work, with some JAVA thrown in. The Apache version under Panther have always been a little behind, yes you can install later versions, but that disables other things like PHP until you can get that fixed.

Anyway I very much appreciate the replies.