Anyone compile TRN for OS X


Hey, has anyone compiled trn for Mac OS X? Any tips on making it compile? Suggestions are appreciated!

Yep. In /usr/lib I had to make 2 links...

libc.a@ -> libc.dylib
libtermcap.a@ -> libcurses.dylib

After that it compiled fine (trn 4.0b74 I think).

sudo make
sudo make install

Hope this helps,

Any chance you can give a UNIX-novice some additional tips on compiling trn? I made the symlinks you described, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the 40-odd questions asked during the Configure script. Specfically, questions about termlib, extracting library files (I said no), what to do about mail (I don't have sendmail configured), where is the mimecap file (do I need to get that separately?) and whether I need to tell it to compile for "freebsd" at the beginning...

Lots of questions, I know ... but as I said, I'm new at this!

Thanks for any pointers you can provide...

Just to set the record straight, I'm no serious unix compile whiz, just a long-time user that can compile the avg stuff. :)

First things first, do you make those links in /usr/bin or /usr/lib? (your post on macnn said /usr/bin, they need to be in /usr lib)

Also, one would think configure would do this for you, but go ahead and create the /usr/local/lib/trn directory

sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib/trn

It may be that /usr/local/lib doesn't even exist on standard installs, so you may have to mkdir that first.

Now then, the termcap link is supposed to set things up so that the curses library is used as the termcap lib. So you should be able to answer yes to that question.

Here is link for porting tips that generally speaking I have followed, so my system may be doing other things for me now that I didn't realize I needed for trn (since I had compiled other things like elm and mutt)

Other than than, yes the trn script asks a gazoogle of questions.... mostly I think I went with defaults... and you won't have ispell installed so skip that (you can get it via Fink).

Hope this helps you make some progress,