Anyone do better than 50KB/sec with gnutar and Sharity?


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With gnutar and Sharity I backup files to my Win98 machine from my TiBook, and according to my Network Statistics Dockling and a few other tools I rarely get better than 50KB/sec throughput.

Is my network hosed? Does anyone else get better throughput?

Sometimes I see slightly better results when I'm gnutar-ing lots of small files instead really large files, but it's still no where near my hoped-for max network bandwidth of 10MB/sec.



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Yes... I see a similar thing but not only with gnutar, when using ncftp I get a nice average 193 - 248 range, but it should be much higher and there is the pause between each file ...

I see a range of 40 - 60 when I gnutar to a volume thru sharity myself.

A while back I did a little compare thingy after getting the feeling these things just were not as fast as they should be..

A little ping test.. using Winroute in Classic (Booted into) and ping in terminal pinging to the same IP....

Winroute = time=0.109 ms
ping (X terminal) = 64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=255 time=4.416 ms

Well, at any rate... I get the feeling TCP/IP just not tweaked right (Yet 10.1?)



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Maybe. TCP/IP should be at the kernel level - Darwin - in turn based on FreeBSD which has had its TCP/IP stack ironed out over the years.

Still, ya never know.

It just occured to me that I should try powering off and on my hub next time I sit down to connect the two. I hear that can help things sometimes though I don't know why. Anyone know?