Anyone else having network problems?


Well I have been running 10.1 for about two weeks now and my network has started to have major problems. I am on a T3 connection but I can only load certain webpages some of the time and only after multiple refreshes. When I first upgraded IE and Omniweb worked fine in 10.1. Then all of a sudden I could no longer connect to some pages and other pages only loaded about 10% of the time. Running classic in OS X allows IE to work just fine so I am pretty sure it is a problem with OS X and not my network. I have enabled java script as was suggested but that has had no effect. Any ideas?
It's not a help - just an FYI. I have been fine with 2 Systems on airport through a linksys router. Only thing I could remotely think of is - is the gateway set.
What type of connection. PPPoE, DHCP, Manual, Airport? I had a similar problem using my schools network which is DHCP. I think 10.1 is kind of buggy. I had to have the System Preferences-->Network open because when I quit System Preferences it switched back to Internal Modem and wouldn't connect. Stupid thing. But after that first time, it works fine now. Well it take a few secs to connect and establish a connection but I don't need to open the System Preferences anymore. Has the connection worked in previous versions of OS X? Do you have the network also connected (as in when you start up) so it can auto-sense and use the Built-In Ethernet or Airport settings? Tell Apple no matter what. That is what the Feedback area is for.
Maybe a DNS resolving problem in 10.1? I've had off and on success, but I think it has more to do with using OmniWeb 4.1 beta than anything else.

Can you access pages that you have trouble with by typing in the IP, as opposed to the url? If so that would be a strong symptom that it's your DNS.

There is a tip on Mac OS Hints that shows how to set up a local name server through the terminal. I tried it a few weeks ago, but an unrealated problem forced a clean install, so I never really got to use it.