anyone have any idea whats wrong with my firewire HD??


i recently installed OSX.1 and now when i save an image from explorer it ends up having a corrupted image file and sometimes after a while the images i have stored ends up going bad too. i used the testing software that comes with the firewire HD to test for errors many times and the result are always no problem.

is it OSX.1's problem or is my HD gone??

anyway here are some of the details
Maxtor 80GB firewire
iBook dual USB
running OSX 10.1
but I can't. If your losing data, I might suggest working in 9 for a while (not classic, 9) and see if you continue to get corrupt images, or if they become corrupt after a period of time. If you can work reliably in 9 and nothing go awry, then maybe it does have something to do with 10.1. I can't imagine what, and I'm unsure of what steps to take to fix it, but at least you'll be able to tell if it's software or hardware related...maybe.
right after i installed 10.1, my 30 gig fire drive didn't load at all. so i turned it off and unplugged it from the firewire port to see if 10.1 wanted a hot connection to initialize any of the drivers or whatever. that seemed to work pretty great. you may also try deleting your explorer preferences and plist from you user library, just in case some of those settings are defunct.