Anyone have gimp-print working on USB printer?


I have installed gimp (via Fink), and figured I stood a better chance of printing on my Canon BJC3000 (unsupported by Canon so far) via gimp-print than waiting on Canon.

The BJC-3000 is officially "untested" via gimp-print, but I figured this open-source(?) effort was probably a better investment of my time than waiting for Canon to get off their @#%.

I was expecting (and I think the gimp folks were too) that I'd get garbled print.. instead it appears to not be able to find the printer (USB) at all.

There appears to be no lpd running, nor do I even find lpd in my path. No PRINTER has been set in my environment, but the simple act of setting one seems meaningless as somehow I'd have to tie that to a real destination (USB printer).

Anyone gotten anywhere with gimp-print?

Print Center (or whatever it is called) doesn't let me do anything since a "real" driver doesn't exist for the printer.

Hewlett Packard Printers are supported in OS X. The drivers that HP has written for OS X are not as feature rich as they are for OS 9. I have a duplexer on my HP DeskJet 970Cxi (it comes with the printer) that allows me to print on both sides of the page without any interaction / involvement on my part. OS X unfortunately does not support this feature yet. Print quality defaults to "normal" or "best", I don't know which, but it is not as fast as printing in OS 9, but it looks better on the page. I only use the "print on both sides" feature to save paper. If you absolutely need to print, HP makes a really inexpensive printer for around $80.00 (may be less now). The 970Cxi was the their top-of-the-line deskjet printer at the time of purchase last year. Just remember, you generally get what you pay for. I know that HP can be more expensive, but consider that they are the leading inkjet printer manufacturer and their inkjet cartidges can be found almost everywhere. Plus, HP really stands behind their products. I was printing a very large paper for graduate school and the printer encountered an error and damamged itself because the paper tray was too full. I called HP and explained what happened and they shipped me a refurbished printer next day air at no cost even though the warrenty had expired. HP is the #1 inkjet printer manufacturer and they want to remain in that position, and they will do almost anything to please their customers and prevent a bad reputation.