anyone know about basic text editing is OS X 10.0 (html)?


John Galt Member
HTMLedit is gone, fine, but where'd it go?
is there any app out there for OS X that is essentially a windows notepad for OS X???

any help on the most basic text editors available would be great...

TextEdit is essentially a better replacement to Simple Text so you can edit your text files in that. (you have to set youir preferances for it to tell it whether you want it to save files as txt or rtf though )
Depending on what sort of editing you're doing, you might also want to try ProjectBuilder, off the dev tools CD. I find that for code, including html, it is a bit nicer than TextEdit.
textedit works easier than project builder because it can open previously made files easier. the preference that you have to change (for others in the future) is "ignore rich text commands in html files (bottom right corner)"

TextEdit is fast and light, which is nice. When I'm doing iterative development of html, where I make lots of small changes and want to see the results, I use OmniWeb's source editor. It's got a few handy features:

syntax colorization
tag validation
formatting (reflecting nesting level via indentation)
compact (coalesce whitespace to save bytes)
store (with proper configuration, can publish your document to your web server)
you can see your changes redisplayed without having to save them (handy for editing live docs in place)

Standard disclaimer: I'm heavily biased. Also, OmniWeb's current CSS and javascript support could best be described as a snapshot in evolution (may become extinct in a hostile environment). It works beautifully for most code that isn't needlessly cruel, though.

If OmniWeb could save via ftp, I'm sure I'd use its editor all the time. Not all of us are on the same LAN as our web server :)
Well, I'm beginning to feel like some kind of infomercial

"But wait! You also get..."

- Access your page with a URL like this:
- Provide your credentials
- Browser -> View in Source Editor
- Tweak your source as desired
- Hit the "Store" button.

To quote Emeril, "BAM!".

In retrospect, I'm not sure the original poster was talking about editing HTML, so we may be getting far afield. I certainly wouldn't use OmniWeb to edit, say, my .cshrc.
Once I get fully converted to OS X and do my web develloping on it omniweb will be my preferd program (and omni products in general :D )

I am still waiting for OS X to get greek unicode in because it half of my web develloping there. :)

At the moment I use simpletext to edit stuff

woohoo! it works! Thanks! :D

I actually tried this awhile ago, and it didn't work, but there was a symlink in the path I was using, so that's probably why.