Anyone know how to have an HTTP/FTP drop box?


I am trying to make it simple for my clients to FTP their job files to me. I have an anon FTP setup on my 10.1 box.

What I would like to do is either have an HTML picture (like an icon), or a page that the client can drag and drop their file on to upload to my FTP server. The web server for this and the FTP are the same computer.

If this is not possible (which now that I think about it, I have never seen before) how can I set up the box to do this with a Javascript or a forms upload button like has here?

I have no experience in apache, java, or cgi, so please keep it simple.
change the chmod of whatever folder you want to be a drop-box to drwx-wx-wx. I believe the command is "chmod 733 'Folder Name' "