Anyone Know of Free/Share/Pay Card game "sets" for tiger - old fashioned games!


I'm upgrading to Tiger on my IMAC G5 (w/bluetooth Keyboard/mouse, 160 GB HD, 1G memory, superdrive) and want to get an old-fashioned card game "pack" with solitaire, poker etc like MIKE'S CARDS 2.0.1 for example that works w/ Tiger.
Anyone have any suggestions out there? Mike's latest version was releatsed 10/25/2003 so it is pretty old, and all I see on version tracker is single track games like - a zillion solitaires in one program, or crazy 8s and I was interested in a multi pack.

On the other hand, if you know of poker, solitaire, cribbage, basic card games that are stand alone & work with Tiger - I'd love to hear about it!


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I'm Guessing your looking for something like a hoyle suit of games (but they haven't produced games for mac for years)

so i am going to point you to freeverse

they have a bunch of "burning monkey (insert name of card game here) games

and you can try a demo of them before you buy