Anyone ported the GIMP?

Take a look at
they have some info on GIMP, GTK, etc on OS X.
But this:

should answer your question.

Yes. Thanks

I did actually see that one - a search on in the Netscape directory for Mac and GIMP took me there ... but to be honest .. I had trouble finding out exactly what I needed.

I mean, ideally, a PKG with the complete GIMP binaries would be nice!

I did download fink and am playing with it right now as we speak, but I did not get any init.csh with it, and have not been able to run it properly yet.

Will let you know when I have it running
I installed Fink, and it seems to run .... except that it does not install anything of note.

When trying to install the GIMP, it fails to find the URLs for some of the dependent packages.

The happens same for almost all the other packages too

The error is of the form ...

Failed: Can't find url for mirror X in configuration at /sw/fink/perlmod/Fink/Services/pm line 198 STDIN line1

Secondly, for the ones that seem to work, specifically screen, it tries to connect to ... and the connection times out
I've also installed Fink but can't get it to work. When I type in "fink install <package name>", it says something like "package info not found". I'm totally clueless.