Anyone porting VNC Server to Mac OS X (Aqua)?


Does anyone know if the VNC server is being ported to Mac OS X?

I know there is a Darwin version out there that displays an X desktop

Because of the way that OS X (Aqua) does not support simultaneous graphical sessions yet, I assume that the OS X one would be similar to the Windows version - where the current session's screen is exported (rather than a new virtual session)
I wonder if, as part of their Office for OS X, Microsoft might try porting the Netmeeting remote desktop sharing piece over?
OSXvnc is pretty usuable

From the site regarding the ability to run more than one desktop at a time:
<i>As far as I know, there is no way of running multiple instances of the Aqua WindowServer in parallel; the OS just does not provide support for this. If someone knows differently, please let me know.</i>