Anyone printing to a FreeBSD LPD QUEUE?


I have OS 10.1 setup to print to a FreeBSD 4.4-STABLE lpd queue. The printer connected to the FreeBSD box is a HP Laserjet 1200. The jobs spool from the Mac no problem, but when they get to the freebsd box they get killed. Syslog on the FreeBSD box shows the following:
Oct 2 01:34:22 diabolical lpd[84929]: apocolypse requests recvjob lp
Oct 2 01:34:23 diabolical lpd[84929]: lp: illegal format character 'o'
Oct 2 01:34:23 diabolical lpd[84929]: lp: job could not be printed (cfA001apocolypse)

anyone got a setup like this working?
I have the same error with an HP Laserjet 6L connected to a linux box ...
But it was working fine with Mac OS X 10.0.4.

lpd [18335] lp: illegal format character 'o'