Anyone still having connection probs?


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I have been using OS X beta since it came out, as a secondary OS on my Mac G3.
I have a blue and white G3 tower with an internal 56K modem.
Each time I want to get online I have to shutdown, and restart in OS 9
(Something that is a waste of time).
The DNS numbers are correct, I have called my company and confirmed
that they are what I have. The telephone number is correct, and my
username and password are correct, and all in the networking control
pane are as they are supposed to be, according to the petit manual that
came with the beta.
I click on connect, and it "connects" although applications such as IE, fire,
and OMNIweb don;t recognize the connection so when I try to go to somewhere
out in cyberspace (i.e. here) the browser takes for ever, supposedly trying to find
the destination) and then tells me that such a host does not exist.

I want to get online to check out if there are any updates to OS X as well through the
built in updater. I hear that there have been some updates what I would like to get.

Does anyone have this problem ??? Have you solved it ?? How ???
Its really irritating not to be able to go online with X.


I'm afraid I don't know what to say about your connection problems. (But I'm sure someone will.) But I can assure you that there have been no updates made available to ordinary plebes like me and (presumably, or you'd know) you. Paying members of the Apple Developer Connection (or whatever it's called) have received updates, but I gather it's nothing dramatic.
I think you have to set your OSX network prefs to 'No Connection' if you're not on an ethernet
Originally posted by endian
I think you have to set your OSX network prefs to 'No Connection' if you're not on an ethernet

I had my pref on "no connection"...
well the answer to my prob was answered in an other post I had posted. (Look for it, it has the same subject heading as this one).

Someone gave me a set of DNS numbers.
AND THEY WORK! MY ISPs DNSs dont work but when I dial up to my ISP and use the ones that I found @ this other post, an now I can be online with OS X :)

This rox ;)