Anyone try netscape 6.1 yet ?

Anyone try using netscape 6.1 of mac os x ? What are your thoughts ? I know we have to wait till 10.1 to use java so we can't test that, and i read that netscape 6.1 hangs on dual processors.
So far it is both good and bad!

what I mean is that oddly enough on my G4 desktop, Netscape crashes every single time I try to use it. However, on my iBook (tangerine) it runs extreemly well! Go figure?

Well so far i tried it works very good, both on my G4 and on my ibook.
I'm glad it supports css better.:)

It should only start a little faster up:p
now we have a VISUAL html editor for os x!

this is why i still like netscape better than ie it has a mail program instant messaging, html editor calendar etc... don't see that in any other browser!

ps it's fast and doesn't crash on my g4