Anyones' Machine Freezing in OSX?


I am delighted with OSX, although it's a little strange at first...

BUT it's frozen (as in the machine LOCKS UP completely) twice on me now, in both Quicktime and just resizing a menu.

Now I thought that this is what OSX was supposed to eliminate...

the more disturbing part about this is that I doubt it's OS X related....

It does this frequently under OS9 and that leads me to believe it could be a motherboard thing :(:(:(

anyone else experienceing freezes?

I've had OS X freeze on me in a couple occasions and both times it was dealing with Classic applications.

They made the classic environment crash and in a couple occassions it took OS X with it. But I do have to say that other than those two freezes, OS X has been the most stable OS I have used in a looong time (OK, BeOS is pretty stable too)

Tonight the finder/desktop crashed, but it didn't even give me an error. The finder icon in the desktop bounced a couple times, the desktop pic came back and it was all as if nothing had happened. I was in heaven.
Okay my specs, as requested..

B&W G3 300 (Jan '99) (processor upgraded to 450 MHZ in ZIF)
ROM revision: $77D.45F6
Boot ROM version: 1.1f4
Mac OS ROM file version: 3.7

320 Megs RAM
14.5 GB Quantum HD partioned in Half, 2nd Half for OS X
ADAPTEC 2930CU SCSI Card (although not functioning correctly at the moment)

3 monitor Set-up:

GeeThree Serial adapter in modem Slot (Nothing Attached)

DSL modem on Ethernet

Club Mac CDR
Zip 100

It is important to make sure that your scsi chain is properly terminated. problems occur with this that wont even show up in 0S9 if not terminated correctly and completely. also I think your scsi card can be updated to work with osx if you find the atto update from adaptec for the similar card kind. i read some article on about this that went into great detail. just search their news archives from the last 3 days to try to find it. it may help
I am getting freezes as well. In both os's. I was hoping I would not see that in OS X.

I have been thinking hardware for little while. I had my motherboard replaced in January. The tech said there was some strange behavior with possibly the video card in my computer but couldn't really pinpoint anything. Other then my board was definitely bad.

I have tried clean installs, low-level formats, minimal extensions, beating my head against the wall and other proven get me no where methods.

One way I can trigger freeze or crash is to use any kind of software (including iToons) to stream audio. Usually within 10 minutes it has had enough.

B&W G3 400Mhz / 384MB with SCSI and MidiMan Delta44 card installed.

I am glad to see this issue being addressed. I think this is the most important "bug" currently in OS X, and it has happened to me many times.

What is ironic about it is that, unlike OS 9, only the window manager or 'Finder' application is frozen. In most cases (9 out of 10 probably), Darwin is fine and responding normally as if nothing is happening. When the Finder has frozen and I have been networked to my mac, I have just opened a telnet session from another machine and killed the window manager so it would restart.

Most of the time however, my iBook is the only machine in the house and when Finder freezes in OS X, there is really no way out other than a restart. This is unacceptable. Apple absolutely cannot tout this as a modern "Crash Free" OS if it for any reason requires a reboot (even if it has not really 'crashed')!!

Today for example, it froze on me while loading a webpage in Internet Explorer (carbon). It has frozen on games that require a change in the screen depth, and on sleep when classic is running.

I think Apple should address this problem with a key combo that will force the Finder process to restart without stopping any other processes running in Darwin. It is great that they are using unix, but it is useless if we are unable to take advantage of its strengths.
Me too.

I have had this problem on two different computers running OS 9.1, 9.2. Here's what I think is happening.

I like to run multimple monitors on my G3 B&W so I take the stock ATI card on either machine (I think the G3 has like a Rage and my G4 Dual 5333 has a Rage Pro with that stupid round Digital Plug Apple made ADC).

When I attempt to hook up three monitors, OS 9 supports it great for a while and then somehwere along the line for no aparent reason just crashes. No aparent instal, uninstall, change in the OS. Nada.

I've been able to isolate the cause of it as the ATI PCI 7000 Video card. I imagine this is probably true for the other cards in the ATI lineup both on the AGP and PCI channels. Multiple ATI cards don't play well with eachother when attempting to run three monitors.

When I use this video card dual or single head models with the updated ATI drivers and no matter what PCI slot I put it in, it has conflicts with the other ATI card.

I read numerous posts on the web and the 9.2.2 updates was supposed to fix this but since I'm in the middle of a production cycle I've not powered up the other monitor these past few weeks or attempted to instal the card.

I'm guessing the solution to this is to use another brand of video card with a different (non-ATI) set of drivers. I believe Apple was award of this and that's why they offered that other company. I believe it was the NVIDIA GeForce4.

This is my next step in exploring these options and should solve the problem. eBay here I come.