Anyway to stop finder quitting?


After Kernel quits! Finder quits at least 5 times a day! When Finder quits all other opened apps are also quit! :mad:

What's up??????


Unofficial Mac Genius
This doesn't sound like a widespread problem, so it sounds like you may have some corrupted system components, as my Finder (and I'm sure many other people's, for we would have heard about this long before if the Finder quit so often) almost never quits unless I specifically tell it to force quit. Also, all other apps should be unaffected by a Finder quit, and this is a more serious problem.

Did you acquire the 10.1 update CD? If so, then I suggest you backup all your preferences and documents on your drive (any essential things, you can always reinstall apps), and then wipe your OS X system partition and reinstall it using the update disc (you can do this, since 10.1 is really a full install CD that requires a previous version of Mac OS X to be present before doing any installation).

This should undoubtedly solve your problem.