Right i am at this moment logged on using AOL under OS 9.04. Apparently AOL will not even work in classic because the AOLink (dail up) software will now work under classic.......Right, has anyone got any ideas? i was wondering if it is possible that after installing OS X, i could reboot into 9.1 without all this partitioning rubbish? can you just boot straight back into plain old 9.1? and what has happened? my OS X was supposed to arrive 2day by royal mail, but no sign of it. then apple rang me telling me that they were gonna do it by special delivery! possibly a last minute update to os x? you tell me! i wanna know!
You can indeed reboot into 9.1 and use AOL. They are also in the process of porting the current version to OS X according to other posts and other OS X pages.

The AIM for OS X is already out in beta. It is a little sluggish in certain respects and feature deprived, but it is a good, quick start for them.
I think he might not know how to boot into 9.1. You boot into 9.1 by opening 'system preferences' and going to the startup disk icon. Wait for it to load then double click the 9.1 folder. Then, restart your computer. Back in 9.1! If you want to go back to X, go to control panels/startup disk, then select X from the list of startup icons in your hard drives folder in the startup disk control panel.

I hope I didn't embarrass you if you already knew...just trying to help :)

The beta AOL appliaction is flowing around HL . I am using AOL under OSX, but there are lots of bugs. It is acceptable for a while.