AOL / AIM offers now 2 GB email, free


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AOL / AIM offers now free email

So they have realized they have to compete e.g. with gmail - so you can now get a free aol / aim email address. If you have registered an AIM handle, you can get that for your handle.

Testing it now..

(anyone prefers a gmail invite? drop me a pm, I can't seem to get out of the gmail invites ever_
And soon your 2GB will be flooded with Spam advertising for Big Body Parts, Loose Weight Now, etc etc.. :D
It would take A LOT for me to move from .Mac to anything else. I haven't gotten one piece of Spam mail in 8 months.

I don't really care for the interface of AOL mail, but 2GB is 2GB, so it's pretty cool -- especially since it's free and i can use my AIM screen name.
Well, 2 GB is better than the 2 MB of hotmail! Even though hotmail announces it gives 250 MB to new customers, I have still from 1996 the lousy 2 MB .. and I would be 50 % as rich as Bill Gates if all those Nigerian bank owners would really want to give me the monety that they keep offering there, and the rest 50 % I would make (if I was a guy) by the porn industry by for sure having the biggest thing on the universe...
Aim is so far spam free.. 8 hours and no spam yet :D better than hotmail in that sense...
I have a hotmail account from 96 or 97 (cant remember when i joined) and they bumped it to 250mb. Why is yours still 2mb? Thats strange...
With all these free services offer such large storage, i'm hoping Apple will bump up the .Mac account storage to at least 500 mb/ sign of that yet though :(