AOL for MAC OS X!!!


John Galt Member
Yes, it's true! But, it's only available for beta testers. so, i say. log into os9, join the aol beta program through keyword "beta"

SMART MOVE: that's 27,000,000 people that now have another reason for switching to mac os x!!!


ps- i think aol has not the best service, but they are very popular, and this is a very popular business move...

goodbye, all
I'm really pleased with this version of AOL. It does not have the speed problems that plague instant messenger. It's not a bad app. Hopefully the next version of Instant Messenger will run this well.
gas anyone noticed with this AOL for OS X, if you <b>initiate</b> an im with someone, when they respond for the 1st time, it appears in a new window, and hten that new window is the conversation window from now on???
try it,