AOL IM beta messes up


So after AOL screwed us all by blocking fire i had to change to AOL IM beta. after the program worked for a few hours it suddenly stopped and terminated itself. now when i try to start the program i get the message "the application could not start because there was a problem registering components" and then it terminates itself. anyone know what is wrong or how i can fix it?
It's not perfect, but mine is fully functional. My first thought would be to throw away the app and "resinstall" it. Maybe ditch your prefs and see what happens. I'll be curious what it takes to get it to go again. It would seem to be a problem specific to you though, 'cause mine works fine for days on end.
Get version 24a of fire off my iDisk (vgz). It is the last version to support aim and can't be blocked by aohell because it uses the toc protocol. I stayed connected for 3 days straight.