AOL Instant Messenger -- When WilL We Have Support?


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I also think dude updated fire so it works with AOL again.... for the moment.

Nope. aohell forced him to remove the aim support from Fire. That's why i said to find a copy of 24.a. Do not d/l the new copy as it has no aim support at all.


Well i seem to remember posting somewhere, dont know where, that I would continue to use fire because aim on X is slow and fire kept releasing updates that fixed what aohell had broken...

and now fire removes aim support... well, cant blame them. I dont think I would have kept fighting AOL either.

This is what bothers me. AOL releases a severly SUB par version of AIM or X, and now that sorta makes OS X look bad. Why cant they just stop being monkie asses, and let fire do its job!

/end rant



You can get the version .24a of Fire off of my iDisk (VGZ). It uses the toc protocol and can't be blocked by aohell. The toc protocol is what is used by aim express and aohell can't distinguish between them.


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1st of all, i don't support either chatting program. i think that they are just short of the full incorporation the actual AOL program has (which is now available for os x).
but, here is one thing i think you guys are forgetting: the aim version out is a <b>beta</b>, and it's also the <b>1st</b> release...

give aol sometime, and they will be creating a good program...


ps- just for the record, i'm not partial to any chatting program, i'm just tackling this issue logically...